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Planning The Bridal Shower

What girl doesn’t like a great party and receiving tons of presents? It’s in our nature! We love it, and your bridal shower should be no different. These days, bridal showers have taken on new levels and are more fun than ever before. Traditionally, brides had their bridal shower and the groom had his bachelor party. Today, brides want in on the fun, and are not afraid to go after it.

The bridal shower is traditionally planned by the Maid of Honor. She can either put together a lovely afternoon luncheon filled with champagne and presents or she can go even further and plan a bridal shower that competes on the same level as the boys.

Here are a few different ideas for the shower:

  1. Sail away! Instead of another girl’s night out, make it a girls weekend away. Don’t limit your shower to a measly four hours when you can make it last for days! Plan a weekend in the snow if it is the season and the bride would enjoy it. If she is a more fair weathered maiden then why not head to the beach? This trip will be relaxing for everyone and a great bonding experience for all of the girls. It will be one of the last trips that the bride will take without her newly beloved.
  2. Learn something! If traveling is not really her thing, then maybe an activity filled bridal shower is the way to go. There are a hundred different activities that you can plan for the shower including a cooking seminar a gardening lesson or maybe make it risque with a pole dancing class. Activities are engaging and they make the experience unique and memorable. A cooking class would be great for a bride that wants to learn how to better cook for her new hubby. An in-home wine tasting gives the girls a chance to gab away, while learning a thing or two about the grape. Remember, make it something that everyone invited can partake in. It will be very uncomfortable if anyone is left out.
  3. Better together! It is possible that the couple wants to have a couples shower. In this case, the shower is going to be more like a dinner party or cocktail party. There will still be gifts, but instead of focusing on the bride, these gifts will be for both the bride and the groom. The guests will be male and female, and any activities will be centered around the couple, rather than just the bride. Today, many couples enjoy these showers as it is always fun to be showered together.

Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator

A common question is whether a wedding planner and venue coordinator are the same thing. No, not at all. Here are the differences between the two.

A wedding planners only priority is making sure your wedding runs smoothly and blows you and your guests away. They offer various levels of service. Usually, they plan almost every element of the wedding, start to finish. This allows you to have someone on hand throughout the process and you don’t have to stress.

A venue coordinator usually responds to the initial inquiry and shows you around the venue. They are the point of liaison between the couple and on-site operations team. You do not have as much contact with them, where there only responsibility on the actual wedding day.

That said, a wedding planner has greater vested interest in every aspect of your wedding because they are working for you. They are well versed in sourcing services through tough negotiations on your behalf, seeking the most bang for your buck.


Wedding Cake Trends 2013

Trends come and go all the time, so let’s take a look at the wedding cake trends for this year!

  • Naked Wedding Cake- Go au naturel on the outside and have the icing in between!
  • Ombre Wedding Cake- This trend is taking the wedding world by storm. Add a romantic feel with pastel shades or add an unexpected twist to your reception decor!
  • Metallic Accents- Make a striking centerpiece or shimmer and shine to your dessert table.
  • Wedding Cake Pops- Veer off the traditional path and make a statement with a new kind of wedding cake.
  • All about the icing- Make your icing take center stage, use vibrant colors or striped layers.
  • Wedding Cake Ruffles- A delicious work of art!

Father-Daughter Wedding Songs

There are so many options for father-daughter wedding dance songs. And it’s important to choose one that is meaningful to both of you! Here’s a list of some popular father-daughter dance songs:

- “Daughters” John Mayer

- “Dance With My Father” Luther Vandross

- “Isn’t She Lovely” Stevie Wonder

- “Because You Loved Me” Celine Dion

- “Butterfly Kisses” Bob Carlisle

- “My Little Girl” Tim McGraw

- “My Father’s Eyes” Eric Clapton

- “The Way You Look Tonight” Frank Sinatra

- “My Wish” Rascal Flatts

What’s your father-daughter wedding dance song of choice?


Off-Line Wedding

You spend all this money on a perfect wedding, including the ceremony, reception, cake and photographer. You get your photos back from the beloved day that went down without a hitch. Low and behold your camera ready guests can be seen photobombing your special moments from the photographer. This is something that has just recently became an issue and is definitely something that you need to consider for your wedding day.

Will you want to have those perfect photos captured by the professional and ask guests, to not use their phones during the wedding? Or would you rather, embrace the technology and create your personal wedding hashtag for guests to use? Give us your thoughts and input!


Honeymoon Packing

Planning for the big day is chaotic enough but it’s essential for you to also remember your honeymoon. By planning ahead you can avoid the last minute stress and packing before your honeymoon getaway! A few weeks before the wedding, write a list of what you want to bring and get your necessary clothes dry-cleaned and laundered. Pack a little at a time and check things off as you go.

Packing Essentials:

  • Airline tickets
  • Credit cards
  • Cash money and local currency if necessary
  • Passport & drivers license
  • Reservation confirmations

Clothing: Depending on where you are going, we suggest:

  • Jeans
  • Jackets/sweaters
  • Sundress
  • Little black dress
  • Cardigan
  • Casual t-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Swimsuits
  • Flipflops
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Elegant shoes
  • Clutch
  • Beachbag (sunscreen, sunhat)
  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Adapters
  • Toiletries
  • Cosmetics

It’s very important to be organized. Learn how to pack like a pro! A few tips:

  • Line the bottom of your bag with shoes, fill the center with rolled up jeans and larger jackets.
  • Lay dresses and pants lengthwise
  • Roll shirts and sweaters
  • Fold dedicates. Make sure to put toiletries and lingerie in separate bags

Remember to abide by all flying restrictions, including liquids!


Bridesmaid Responsibilities and Duties

Have you been asked to be a bridesmaid? Well we want to help you out and give you tips on everything that is expected of you for this important role!

What the bride will expect from the bridesmaids:

  • By being a bridesmaid, you know that you are one of the most important women in the Brides life. That being said, there is no need for pettiness or drama.
  • You will be accompanying the bride when she goes shopping for her dress.
  • There is a gray line on who pays for what, so be sure that you are aware of the expectations before committing.
  • Help address the invitations.
  • You and the Maid of Honor will be planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
  • Make sure to help coordinate the out of town guests, arrange transportation and accommodation.
  • Help direct guests to their seats.
  • You are expected to be present at all pre-wedding events.

Most of all you want to be there for the bride, this includes emotional support, planning and logistical support. In addition, your main job as a bridesmaid is to make sure the wedding is great. You want to coordinate with all the bridesmaids, plan ahead and support the bride in any way possible!



How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Budget

When planning a wedding, the budget is a major factor. A majority of women have been dreaming about their perfect wedding since childhood, but a budget shouldn’t hinder you from getting that fairytale wedding. Here are some great tips in getting the most out of your wedding budget.

1. Always get three quotes. From the caterer to the venue, it’s extremely important to see what is out there. This will allow some flexibility and a better idea of what reasonable prices are.

2. Invitations. Keep it simple. A normal size invitation can prevent additional postage = more money. Have your guests RSVP by email. This will save you in terms of postage and extra paper!

3. Flowers. You don’t have to have flowers galore on your wedding day. Instead of fresh flower centerpieces you can opt for faux flowers, candles or vases!

4. Skip the favors. A majority of people don’t take them home or trash them immediately.

5. Venue benefits. Some venues provide linens, plates, napkins, utensils, etc. All things that you don’t have to worry about!

6. Alcohol. Order your wedding wine and beer through a distributor. You can then choose what you prefer and allow you to budget accordingly.

All of these ideas are great ways to save money on your wedding day. Since every bride is different in terms of what they want; it’s best for you to pick three things that are important to you and spend your money there.




Wedding Planning Timeline

How are you supposed to stay organized during the whole wedding planning process? Well look no further we’ve compiled an easy list of things that need to be done and at what time!

12 Months Before

  • Discuss your budget
  • Start on your guest list
  • Create your wedding folder
  • Book your venue

10 Months Before

  • Decide on your bridal party
  • Research vendors (photographers, florists, bands, etc.)
  • Book your officiant
  • Throw an engagement party

8 Months Before

  • Order your dress
  • Hire your vendors
  • Reserve rooms for guests
  • Register

6 Months Before

  • Select your invitations
  • Order bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Plan and book honeymoon
  • Send your save the dates
  • Arrange transportation

4 Months Before

  • Book rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues
  • Start dress fittings
  • Schedule hair and makeup
  • Order the cake
  • Choose the mens’ attire

2 Months Before

  • Settle on hair and makeup
  • Finalize the ceremony
  • Mail the invitations
  • Purchase rings
  • Apply for marriage license
  • Order wedding favors

1 Month Before

  • Bachelorette Party
  • Final dress fitting
  • Meet with photographer and discuss final shots
  • DJ playlist
  • Send out final payments
  • Write vows

1 Week Before

  • Final head count
  • Finalize seating chart
  • Beauty treatments
  • Pick up dress

Day Before

  • Reconfirm pickup times
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Give bridal party gifts

Day Of

  • Have fun and get married!

Questions To Ask Each Other Before You Start Planning The Wedding

1. What kind of wedding do you want? Discuss the kind of feeling/ vibe you’d like for your special day. Do you want a traditional church wedding, or a non-religious ceremony?
2. Who to invite? Make a provisional guest list before anything to get an idea of the type of venue that can accommodate it.
3. When to marry? Be flexible with dates. Summer or winter? Weekday or weekend? This will play a huge part in your wedding budget.
4. Where to marry? Narrow down a general location first. Where you live now, where you grew up or a destination wedding?
5. What’s important to you? Figure out your priorities. This can help decide where you want to spend the time and money for your wedding.

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